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Non-Recourse Loan :: Stock Loan Lending - Florida Mortgage ...
Florida Mortgage Corporation offers a Non-Recourse Loan, a NO DOC . If there is a default, the borrower keeps the loan proceeds and the lender only claims .

Stock Loans :: Stock Secured Loans :: Non Recourse Stock Lending
Non-Recourse Lending for Stock Loans 50 states and international. . Yes, Florida Mortgage Corporation is happy to offer a secure Stock Loan product to our foreign . There are general rules we can share regarding tax treatment of a default.

Real Estate Research: Did nonrecourse mortgages cause the ...
Feb 18, 2010 . Did nonrecourse mortgages cause the mortgage crisis? . A new paper titled " Recourse and Residential Mortgage Default: Theory and . Note that Florida and Nevada also have widespread real estate speculation and yet .

  1. Debt Settlement Consumer Protection Act

    • snowflake5: The problem of the American non-recourse mortgage
      Jan 22, 2009 . With a non-recourse mortgage, you only need to return the keys to your home, and . and are experiencing lower defaults than the non-recourse states). . took place in non-recourse states like California, Nevada and Florida?

      Recourse v. Non-Recourse States
      Aug 4, 2008 . The following article provides a summary of non-recourse mortgage states and . Non-Recourse States Alaska Arizona California Connecticut Florida . after foreclosure, and the bank cannot pursue a default judgement, nor .

    The Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act

    • Recourse and Residential Mortgage Default: Theory and Evidence ...
      We analyze the impact of lender recourse on mortgage defaults theoretically and empirically . probability of default across recourse and non'recourse states. At the mean . For instance, Florida and Texas have nearly unlimited homestead .

    Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

    • I'm considering a strategic default on my mortgage (sales ...
      Sep 24, 2010 . You're screwing the rest of us who are paying our mortgages. . previously said on this thread, FL is a non-recourse state, not a recourse one. . However, I have found other sites that state Florida is a recourse state, including .

      How a Nonrecourse Mortgage Works
      This term simply refers to the type of assets or collateral a lender can reclaim if you default on your mortgage. A nonrecourse loan allows a lender to keep only .

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