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Mortgage lenders pursue homeowners even after foreclosure - Feb ...
Feb 3, 2010 . And these "deficiency judgments" are ticking time bombs that can . deficiencies in more than 30 states, including Florida, New York and Texas, .

How to Avoid Florida Deficiency Judgments by Roy Oppenheim ...
Jun 15, 2011 . The State of Florida's Real Estate Market - Florida Foreclosure Defense - Florida Deficiency Judgments - Florida Second Mortgages Subscribe .

Bank can go after other assets in Florida if you default on mortgage ...
Jan 10, 2011 . In Florida, banks can go to court for a "deficiency judgment" to collect the rest of the money owed on a mortgage after foreclosure, said Anthony .

  1. Debt Settlement Consumer Protection Act

    The Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act

    • Florida short sale/deficiency judgement question (foreclosure ...
      Dec 25, 2008 . Hello. We are going through the ordeal of a short sale on our home in Florida, and I'm finding conflicting information. We bought the house as .

    Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

    • Mortgage Foreclosure Deficiency Attorney Orlando 33442 Deerfield ...
      Florida law gives mortgage lenders five years to pursue a mortgage deficiency claim. If a deficiency judgment is granted it lasts for up to twenty years in the State .

      Deficiency Judgment Definition | h4hconsulting.com
      Are homestead properties exempt from deficiency judgment Florida? No. Homestead properties are not protected from judgments for mortgage liens. You can .

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